Search for your product

Once you visit the site the first thing you need is to find the Product that you want. Wamu Online Shopping has made it easy for you to shop.

There are several ways to do it.

  • The first thing to do is to type in the keyword of your product or category in the Search Box e.g Samsung and all products with name samsung will be diplayed.
  • You can also find your product by selecting a category in the menu on the top left of the site.
  • The last option is shopping my merchant, where you find the product you want from the list offered by the merchant.
  • Select the produt

    From the search results , select the product you want to reserve to view full details of the product.

    Be sure to reserve the product from the supermarket near you or where you can easily pick it up.

    Add the product to cart

  • Click 'add to cart' button to continue and a success message appears stating your item has been added to cart.
  • View the cart

    Now click on the Shopping basket on the top right of the website to view your cart

    Proceed to checkout

    Click the button 'proceed to checkout' to be redirected to the checkout page.

    Login or Register as a user


    If you are not logged in, you will be asked to sign in. if you don't have an account, click register to create you account.

    Register with a valid email and confirm the email by clicking the link sent in your email

    If you had already logged in, this page will not appear but you will be required to proceed

    After Confirmation You are good to go.


    Just login into your account

    Add address

    After login in,click the button (+) to add your address

    A form will appear where you will fill in your details e.g name,city,Phone Number among others

    Double Click the button Create to save your address

    NB: You can add more than one address.

    Select one of the address

    Click on 'select' to the address you want to use as the shipping address


    On the same page, there are several payment methods you can use to pay for the product.

    Click on your most preferred one and pay the reserve amount or the full amount for the product.

    Pay the amount

    Everything payment method has instructions on how to pay. Click the logo to view the instructions. In case of m-pesa, you only need to pay the amount from your phone via buy goods and services on till number 675873 and input the code on the popup


    Now after paying reservation price, you will be redirected to your dashboard. Alternatively, you can click on the Dashboard button next to the shopping basket

    There is your product and the amount paid and the amount remaining to be paid.

    In the summary of the Dashboard, there are few instances which include the following:

    • if you have paid amount equal to Reservation price your product is Reserved.
    • if you have paid amount more than the Reservation price your product is Active.
    • if you have paid amount less than the Reservation price your product is Not Reserved.

    • NB:

    • You can decide to pay in installments (Lipa pole pole) within 3 months.
    • You can also decide to Pay full amount to get the product within 3 days

    Shopping made flexible with Wamu