Hisense (LHD32D51TS/HE32M2165HTS) LED Display Digital/Satellite Television - Black, 32 Inch TV

DVB-T2/T/C/S2/S, 3D Comb Filter, HDMI, Dolby Digital Audio Decoder

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Hisense 32 Inch LED Display Digital/Satellite Television


Entertainment has a new address, treat your senses to a simulating entertainment experience with the Hisense  32” Digital FHD Display LED TV .


Hisense TV Manufactures


The Digital Advantage


Gift your loved ones with unlimited entertainment.Forget making TV subscriptions; with the Hisense 32” Digital FHD Display LED TV, all you need is a TV antenna to have access to multiple TV channels in Full HD. Enjoy world class entertainment with those dear to you at no extra cost.



Watch Multiple TV Channels With Your Loved Ones Free Courtesy of Hisense Digital



Fantastic Viewing Experience


The Hisense  32” Digital FHD Display LED TV has high quality components geared towards giving you the absolute best entertainment experience. It is powered by LED display technology to render fantastic colour display for crisp images. The superb quality display is certain to thrill your senses.


Hisense 40 Inch Full HD LED Digital TV's Stunning Display


Exhilarating Audio


Experience profound sound quality with the Dolby Digital Processing Technology installed in the Hisense  32” Digital FHD Display LED TVDolby Digital optimizes sound to produce ultra clear audio. Enjoy stimulating audio whether you are watching a movie, listening to music or gaming. 


Dolby Digital Sound Processing Technology




Multimedia Connectivity


Work & play; multitask; you can centre all your multimedia content with the Hisense  32” Digital FHD Display LED TV. Fitted with three HDMI 2.0 ports, a PC connector as well as two USB ports, you can fit peripheral devices such as PCs, DVD players, Digital camera, gaming consoles, & external hard drives and view multimedia content stored in the latter in Full HD display.


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Sleek Luxe Design



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